Our Brands

Our Brands
We specialize in traffic.  Each of our brands is unique in their product offerings and we help our advertisers to attain their marketing goals.  Whether you are looking for CPC search traffic, display traffic or leads, we have a product that will help you to succeed!

ClickToRingClickToRing is our “Pay-Per-Ring” search network that drives calls from potential clients to your business or call center. We have a network of mobile web and in-app traffic to make your phone ring!

SquareVidSquareVid is our video display company which offers direct advertiser campaigns, open RTB integrations, access to some of the largest Private Marketplaces as well as 3rd Party Demand.  Advertisers can purchase inventory across our network of websites, partner sites or mobile apps.

TheTrafficBossTheTrafficBoss is our CPC search network which consists of both owned and operated sites as well as our content network. We generate over 1-billion searches per day across our entire network.

UptownLeadsUptown Leads is our performance based marketing company that specializes in generating quality leads for businesses that sell products or services. We generate leads in the insurance, mortgage, entertainment and financial verticals.

UptownTractionUptownTraction generates banner traffic from our direct sites as well as publisher network.  The company also acts as an agency dealing with direct advertiser campaigns as well as a generator of search traffic.